Ablock homes and commercial buildings are dotted up and down the Southern Highlands and South Coast, and we are proud to handover every one. We created the outbuildings to provide an alternative product to a renovation or extension. They are conveniently built offsite and transported to you as a finished building. The rooms can stand alone or be attached to your home and can be transported again if you choose.

Below is an outline of what our Handcrafted Outbuildings are all about. 


What uses do they have? We can custom build for the following purposes:

Sleepout - wedding accommodation, cabins, guest bedroom, camping in style, granny flat, B&B rooms or a teen bedroom

Studio - music, writing, art, home office or photography

Hobby House - craft, sewing, metal work, pottery or housing collections

Tea Room - a garden space in which to relax with friends and family, enjoy the garden from a different perspective

Mens Shed - yes the man cave

Market Stall - permanent shop or market stall spaces, good for renting out to stall holders and great for locking up stock

Outdoor Kitchen - locate near your veg patch, a place for making preserves and pickling veggies or brewing beer

Potting Shed - a place to work on seed raising, potting up and storing garden tools and equipment.

Fishing Shack - a place of refuge to bunk out, catch fish and relax

Pool Room - a spot to relax in the shade by the pool 

Tennis House - a change room and refreshments area

For more design options - check out the Designs & Extras page


Our process

We usually start the process with a site inspection. You then choose a design. We build your Outbuilding in Nowra at our workshop then deliver and install your new Handcrafted Outbuilding to your selected site, property or location. As the design has already be done we've eliminated the need for customers to pay external fees for drawings/plans and engineering reports, which occurs when doing a typical house renovation. Only some customers will need to get council approval for an Outbuilding. In NSW the local council or a private, accredited certifier can issue approval for dwellings requiring power and water for Outbuildings with a kitchen and bathroom. Restrictions depend on the size and shape of your land, the area of your house, and how you plan to use your Outbuilding. On inspection we can give you advice on the process.

They are built by the highly skilled and experienced builders at our workshop and we deliver across NSW and install at the place of your choice. We've had a huge amount of interest from range of customers and are excited about producing a benchmark product that will really help to serve a purpose for our customers. There are so many options to explore with our range if design extras.. so get dreaming!

Our design style & inspirations

Over many years of designing and building homes we have developed our timeless style. It features classic ideas taken from traditional buildings combined with long lasting, sustainable materials. Our main inspirations come from the simplicity and functionality of old Australian homes and outbuildings. We paired this with the rugged structure yet gentle lines of the Tasmanian apple orchard sheds. Our products are named after beautiful Australian trees to celebrate our uniquely Australian style.

The Outbuildings are designed for people who would love an extra room. We came up with the idea of the Outbuilding when on Christmas holidays and were thinking about how often families need an extra room but may not want an extension to their house which can be expensive and disruptive.

Our solution to this problem was to design the initial Outbuilding. We then decided to offer varied designs to suit different peoples needs and during this process, have come up with a set of design options to choose from so it's a quick and enjoyable build process for our customers. 

Our workshop location

We are located on the South Coast, Nowra. Our Handcrafted Outbuildings can be custom built, designed, delivered and installed across NSW.

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